Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Devil Style Cajun Bayou

Devil Style Cajun Bayou
by Sara Mumolo

Down in the country
how far did your river go
why must these days move so slow
Dropsy, Id make your tank big enuff' for two

I'd jump in paddlin' through our enclosed creek
In the summertime, Dropsy, I'd set you free
Oh, dear Jack Morgan would never forgive me
cause, dropsy you're a sunrise off the southern pine

Everything about you is oh so fine
while your swimmin' free we can tear bacon with our teeth
a lil' lovin' and some suds down in the country
Dropsy, at least I'd make your tank big enuff' for two

I'll take away your upside down swimmin' frowns
Just pick me up on your way back down
we'll get your woman back, give her bastard a good ol' smack
cause dropsy that's how we do it, down here in the country

And now your darling goldie of blue star dancehalls
swims the pints of low bars & barnyard discos,
that poor sweet scaly Texas rose
Dropsy, I'd make your tank big enuff' for two

You may be Jack's pride and joy
but fishy babe, that cowboy 'ill find another toy
Dropsy, come back down to where you belong
& we'll shot down stars all night long

Dropsy way here in bayou & down in the gulf
things are getting' harder, things are getting rough
times broke on the farm, thinking of you the star of country down
oh' fishy babe, I'd at least make your tank big enuff' for two

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jack's Goldfish

Jack's Goldfish
By Tao Lin

Jack's Goldfish is working on a poem
about writing and sleeping.
On the top of a mountain on television.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


by Jenny Drai

I would walk all night and eat through night yeah fuck the night. Swallow pills against the dimming light to keep my mind shored up alright.

I am standing in a corner of the water. I could say to keep myself calmer.

A goldfish in a kitchen tank dreams of fish in larger water, a river in a European city. Once I in fist caught up a compendium of scales and kissed.

Don’t worry about money, honey. I’ve scooped out an enchanted prince.

You’re the sea. Lovely beside me lulling my skin off in mouthfuls to thrumming silver. If I held the way, you’d be me.

I mean to say who is speaking breaks down in the kitchen where the light is sonorous and glowing. In a day there comes. All my pinpricks. I say to keep myself within the current. All my toes.

Squander pills all night to keep my mind shored up alright. Comes an evening spreading across the gardens of the European city. Sometimes I want all night to starve through night.

Could just once upon a time. I have to decide which princess I want to become. C’mon sunset, here we come. With the prince at the tailor’s the night before the ball. The suit must fit. Here’s the foamy white stallion. Here’s the wild.

I could be an eye a vessel your disguise a treatise tongues and look at me I’ve come undone. And undone is lovely in the skinny water shimmering past in warmth and draft.

Yes I had a fish once who turned into a prince. He bought me cocktails shoes and evening gowns. We existed in transaction. Mangoes roses. I think he loved me once.

No I’ll just lick my shoulder. Until I’ve got you kissed and sorted out enchantment. I’ll swear I’ve got some fish beneath.

I could run away in lapping water. You root among some corals in filtered bliss on a counter in the kitchen despite. I’m walking out within the night.

Beneath the silty scales are gills and lungs. We have got to get some money, honey. I put myself in the water and the sea alike.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Golden Reasons

Golden Reasons
By Jack Morgan

You know who gave you to me.
You knew that when she left
your fate was in my hands.

Even though I cried in the vacuum,
when she wanted to come back,
I wasn't gonna give you up.

Thanks for being there for me.
When the world had hurt me most,
you were there just to make sure

I didn't do anything crazy.
But it's still your fault she's gone.

Whiskey Fish

Whiskey Fish
By Jack Morgan

I don't think there's a place
for you and me, Dropsy.

The world wasn't made
for creatures like us.

I would fill my heart with water
to take you with me everywhere,

but all I have is whiskey
and all I have is you.